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Simple Steps To Help You Learn Korean

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If you want to learn how to speak Korean, then you have come to the right place.  Learning to speak Korean requires some patience and dedication, as it would be with other languages, however, you will notice that some areas of the Hangul are fairly simple to learn provided you make a daily commitment.

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At LearnKoreanToday.com, we provide free Hangul training online so you can learn to speak Korean at ease and at your own pace.

We cover some of the following topics:

learn koreanMany of the posts found at this site contain survival terms and everyday expressions used in regular conversations. As a result, these Korean sentences and phrases may come in handy through memorization and you will quickly learn how to speak Korean.

Whether or not you are currently taking Korean classes, we are sure this site will help prospective students of all levels. You do not require any kind of Korean software to understand these pages. Some display photos and charts, while the majority of them comprise of written information.

Over 60 million people today speak the Korean language. Korean or Hangul shares many similarities to Altaic, which is a group of languages belonging to the Altaic group of Japanese, Mongolian, and Ainu. Also, most of its vocabulary originated from Chinese.

To understand and learn Korean language, you must study the following, which will be individual discussed more thoroughly by clicking on the links below:

– Vowels & Consonants, including double vowels and double consonants

– Word Pronunciation

– Honorifics

– Positives and Negatives

– Postpositions

– Tense Format

SOV Language
SOV stands for “Subject/Object/Verb” word order, which is the classification of Hangul, quite opposite to that of English, which is SVO. So initially, learning Korean may be strange for those native English speakers, but after a little time you’ll get the hang of it.

English example: Kimberley loves Jon

Hangul example: Kimberley Jon loves

Topic Prominent Language
As you learn Korean, you will notice that the topic may not necessarily be the actor, on the contrary, could be about the sentence.

For example in English, if you’re on the phone with a friend trying to make plans and ask the following question: “How about dinner?” This can be answered the following way… “I already ate dinner.”

In Hangul, the response would be as follows: “Dinner, I ate.”

In other words, the basic Sentence formation is as follows:
[Subject/Topic+Particle] + [Object+Particle] + [Verb/Adjective+Conjugation]

Successful, enjoyable language learning with Rosetta Stone. Award winning language learning software

Since it can be a challenge learning Korean especially considering that it is a comprehensive language, we have done our best to make this process as easy as possible with very beginning to more advanced learning material so you can properly develop your skills.

Hopefully as you go through this site, you will be able to to practice Korean conversations in a number of situations.

This beautiful country has emerged as a worldwide global leader in technology, the arts, environmental protection, and green energy. This has brought about many foreigners to experience the Korean culture including hopes of learning how to speak Korean.

Take your time going through this site and you will find that it’s not as difficult as it may seem to learn Korean online. We hope you enjoy navigating through our learn Korea site and hopefully it won’t be long before you master many of the lessons here. In no time you will be using many expressions and Korean phrases in your daily conversation.

We encourage you to leave any questions, suggestions or comments you may have pertaining to a particular article written on this website or anything to do with learning the Korean language and understanding the culture.  The LearnKoreanToday.com site has been created to help as many people as possible with their quest to master the Hangul language and we hope our tips, charts, and various pages will help each of you reach your goal!

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