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Changdeokgung Palace

changdeokgung palaceThe highly coveted Changdeokgung Palace is located in the Northern part of Seoul in the Jongno-gu district and brings thousands of locals and tourists through its gates each year.

Known as a primary infrastructure during the Joseon Dynasty, this massive structure’s slogan reads “ode to the harmony of man and nature”.

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Built in 1405 and rarely used until the late 1500’s, when the Royal family moved to the Palace in 1590, where they would later rule over Korea for the next three hundred years. South Korea contains 5 main palaces built during the Joseon Dynasty by its rulers and kings, and Changdeokgung was the most favored of them all, also referred to as the East Palace, since it lays east of Gyeongbok Palace. The Royal family lived at this unique landmark up until the year 1988. Many kings during the era of the Joseon Dynasty preferred this palace and kept many of the Korean elements found in the period of the Three Kingdoms of Korea.

To get close and personal, the public requires a guided tour so one can experience the lovely history of this superb palace, but http://LearnKoreanToday.com has given you a sneak peak just below:

Injeongjeon HallInjeongjeon Hall
Highly majestic and graceful, once there you will find yourself standing in awe in the main courtyard and its incredible historic structures, bringing you back in time to the 1300’s.

Royal Throne
The royal throne evokes a balance of energy and was a spot where only the highest among men and women could hold such a position. The Juhamnu Royal Library was also a key area of the palace.

The Emperor’s office quarters known otherwise as the hall of benevolent rule had similar traits to the Empress’s quarters while only few people would have the privilege of being in such a place. The Empress’s quarters was referred to The Grand Hall of Creation.

Another formidable area to witness is the Royal study hall, better known to the Korean people as the Seongjeonggak Pavilion. Likewise, the Buyongjeong Pavilion was a profound meditation area known to one of the wise kings. Also, the Nakseonjae is a lovely manor that holds some of the deepest memories of many Korean ancestors.

Take a look at the video below which overviews the five main palaces of South Korea!

The 5 Palaces Of Seoul

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7 Responses to “Changdeokgung Palace”

  1. Thompson says:

    Cool video. These are some the things that make S.K. so unique and historic. Can’t wait to visit the Palace one day.

  2. Neil says:

    The Changdeok palace is definitely a spot to check out, but if you ever have the opportunity, the other temples and palaces are fascinating as well. Like the Changgyeong Palace and the National Treasures!

  3. Jody says:

    Are there any films about these palaces?

  4. Victor says:

    Hey Jody, there are several Korean dramas and films based around the Joseon Dynasty. Here’s a list:

    – Rebirth Of A King
    – Eight Days
    – Tree With Deep Roots
    – The Great Seer
    – Dong Yi
    – Eight Days Mystery Of Jeong Jo Assassination
    – Rooftop Prince
    – The Moon That Embraces The Sun

    • JJ says:

      Sweet list Victor. Thanks for adding them and if anyone wants to add others, feel free to do so. Hope you get the chance to watch some of these dramas/films, Jody (of course it would help to have English subtitles if you’re just learning Korean) :)

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